6/18….Online Exhibitor Guide for 2021 will be available by July 1st.  

Please refer to the 2019 exhibitor guide linked below for reference in planning this years exhibiting until the 2021 guide is issued.  2021 Paper Exhibitor Guides will be mailed in Mid-July.  Online registration for 2021 starts July 1st and ends August 20th.

Everybody loves a show-off at the Sandwich Fair!

If you have a hobby such as cooking, sewing, woodcraft, art, photography, collecting, you could show off your talents and earn premiums (dollar payouts) for your work. The Sandwich Fair has premiums for hundreds of categories!

Enter and Display


Just to name a few… Your personal collections, foods, pumpkins, flower, ceramics, amateur photography, culinary, clothing, art, just about ANYTHING from your garden, livestock (rabbits, sheep, goats, diary, etc.), and on to the Demo Derbies and pulling contests!

You can watch many exhibits being judged and see them on display throughout the fair week.

The 2019 Exhibitor Guide has all the information you need to know about what categories are available and how much the premium awards (the dollar amount) are paid for the categories when you place (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.).

Some of our favorites:

  • Old license plates
  • Old family photos
  • Wasp nests (no live wasps allowed)
  • Star Wars Pez dispensers.
  • There’s so many categories it might be easier to say what can’t be entered at the fair!
  • Please download the Exhibitors Guide (PDF) for complete instructions.
  • After you decide what you want to enter, complete your entry form/s online, or download and mail them with payment.
  • Entry tag packets will be available for pickup at the fair office starting on September 1, 2021.
  • Tagged items must be brought to the fair Monday or Tuesday before the fair.
  • Premium Checks are picked up on Sunday.
  • Premium Check Pickup Times: Sunday 12-8pm at the back door of fair office.
    Exhibitors may pick up their Premium Checks at the Fair
    Office building, 2 ways:
    A. During the Fair, (times listed below)
    B. After the Fair, (Mon-Fri 10 AM – 2 PM) until October 15th
    1. No prizes are given for exhibits not listed in this premium
    2. Premiums will be paid by going to the Fair Office building,
    next to the Ticket Office. Provide a Photo ID and signature in the Premium Check State of Illinois Book.
    3. Premium checks will be ready for pickup during the fair at
    the Fair Office building:
    Sunday of the fair: 12:00 Noon – 8:00 PM (Back Door of Building)
    After Fair: Mon-Fri. 10:00 AM – 2:00PM, (Front Door of Fair
    Office Building) and One Late Hour Pickup Friday, September 17th.  Noon-8pm
    4. All premium checks MUST be picked up.
    No checks will be issued without Photo ID and your
    signature on the proper paperwork.
  • Items are picked up on the last day of the fair in the exhibit building it was showed from 6:30pm-8pm or the next day, Monday 9am-11am. (Horticulture 8am-11am)
  • Post Fair Information
    1.The Sandwich Fair Association will not be responsible for exhibits left after 8:00 p.m. Sunday of Fair.
    2. Pick up exhibits at the Fair Office Building. Exhibits not picked up following the Fair will be disposed of by October 15, 2021.

Paper Entries

Open July 1st until August 20th.  Exhibitor Tags will be available to pickup at the office starting September 1st.  Printed Exhibitor Guides will be in mailboxes mid July.

Online Entries Open July 1st to August 20th.

Exhibitor Tags will be available to pickup at the main office starting August 27.

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past fair exhibiting INFORMATION for reference (below)

Exhibitors Guide (PDF)

2019 Exhibitor Ribbon Winners

2019 Livestock Show Blue Ribbon Winners

2018 Exhibitor’s Guide (pdf)

2018 Exhibitor Ribbon Winners

2018 Livestock Blue Ribbon Winners


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