Board Members

Board members back row: Ron Henrich, Matt Wilson, Harold Dannewitz, Jimmy Webber, Gary Augustine, Gene Frieders, Matt Olson
Front row: Nancy Rex, Ken Tyrrell, John Wagner, Larry Dannewitz, Scott Breunig. Not picutred:  Dan Breunig


Larry Dannewitz


Kenneth Tyrrell

Vice President

Nancy Rex


John Wagner



Scott Breunig

Board Member

Ron Henrich

Board Member

Matthew Wilson

Board Member

Harold Dannewitz

Board Member

Matt Olson

Board Member

Gene Frieders

Board Member

Jimmy Webber

Board Member

Dan Breunig

Board Member

Gary Augustine

Board Member

Additional Hard-Working Staff

There are so many other people that without whom this fair could not run. They are too many to mention here, but we appreciate all our hard-working contributors.