Exhibiting at the Sandwich Fair

Participate in the Sandwich Fair

Everybody loves a show-off at the Sandwich Fair!

If you have a hobby such as cooking, sewing, woodcraft, art, photography, collecting, you could show off your talents and earn premiums (dollar payouts) for your work. The Sandwich Fair has premiums for hundreds of categories!

Browse exhibitor categories, find your hobby, and see the award amounts (premiums) for winning entries. Exhibitor's Guide (pdf)

What to Enter?

Just to name a few… Your personal collections, foods, pumpkins, flower, ceramics, amateur photography, culinary, clothing, art, just about ANYTHING from your garden, livestock (rabbits, sheep, goats, diary, etc.), and on to the Demo Derbies and pulling contests!

You can watch many exhibits being judged and see them on display throughout the fair week.

The Exhibitor's Guide (pdf) has all the information you need to know about what categories are available and how much the premium awards (the dollar amount) are paid for the categories when you place (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.).

Some of our favorites!

  • Old license plates
  • Old family photos
  • Wasp nests (no live wasps allowed)
  • Star Wars Pez dispensers.

There's so many categories it might be easier to say what can't be entered at the fair!

Entering & exhibiting (overview)

Please download the Exhibitor's Guide (pdf) for complete instructions.

  1. After you decide what you want to enter, complete your entry form/s online, or download and mail them with payment.
  2. Entry tag packets will be available for pickup at the fair office.
  3. Tagged items must be brought to the fair Monday or Tuesday before the fair.
  4. Premium Checks are picked up on Saturday through Monday.
  5. Items are picked up on the last day of the fair (Sunday) or the next day (Monday).
Download the Exhibitor's Guide (pdf) document for complete instructions, rules, premiums, competitions information, and more.

Applications are closed for the season

All forms must be postmarked by August 23. See the Exhibitor Guide or the Sandwich Fair Program Guide for details.

  • Photography Contest (Digital Cameras)
  • Jr. Show (8–19 years of age)
  • Open Show
  • Jr. Show Livestock (8–19 years of age)
  • Open Show Livestock
  • Western Speed Show
All competitive categories are available online except for photo contest and culinary competition.
  1. Download the Exhibitor's Guide (pdf) for complete information before you submit your entry online, or pick up a copy of the Sandwich Fair Program Guide at the Fairgrounds office. The Paper Entries tab has individual forms to download. 
  2. Read the rules and instructions for entering, then complete the forms or write down the information you will need.
  3. Visit Blue Ribbon Online (below) to fill out forms and submit payment for your entry fees.
Livestock Entries   General Entries

Entries are closed for the season