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Home Arts Building The very first Fair pin featured the Home Arts Building. This building, built in 1905, is home to both open and junior culinary and needlework exhibits. This year also marks the first year the Fair sold “official” Sandwich Fair Souvenirs. Drawing by Quen Carpenter.


Original Ticket Office This enameled pin shows the original Ticket Office (built in the late 1800”s) and gates which are now located at Gate 5 on the west end of the Fairgrounds. Drawing by Quen Carpenter.


Round Office The Round Office was moved to its present location in 1906. It was built in 1900 and believed to have been used as a bandstand and judges stand or timers stand at the racetrack. This is the first of many pins that is shaped like the building it depicts. Drawing by Quen Carpenter.


Horticulture Building The octagon shaped Horticulture Building was rebuilt in 1931 and resembles the structure that burned that same year due to leaf burning. An addition was built on the east side in 1957. Drawing by Quen Carpenter.


Grandstand The Grandstand was built in 1913 for a cost of $5,250. Additional bleachers were added to the west end in 1927 and the reserved section was added in 1946. Drawing by Quen Carpenter.


Windmill The Roy LaBolle Family of Somonauk donated the 1920 windmill to the Fair in 1970. The original well was dug in 1939 by L. R. Evans, but is no longer in use. The windmill, with its multicolored fan blades, has become an icon of the Sandwich Fair. Drawing by Jackie Dannewitz


Horse Barn The Horse Barn is located at the entrance of Gate 4. The race horses housed in this building for most of the year are relocated, so the poultry exhibits can move in during the Fair. The Horse Barn was built in 1914. Drawing by Jackie Dannewitz.


Home Arts Building The Home Arts Building was again the subject of the 2000 fair pin. Located in the center of the Fairgrounds, it has been a meeting place for fairgoers for many years. Drawing by Jackie Dannewitz


Harness Racing Harness racing has been an attraction during the Fair since it began. The original half mile track, just south of the present racetrack was in place in 1888. Today’s racetrack was installed in 1891. Drawing by Jackie Dannewitz.


Gazebo Located just north of the Home Arts Building, the Gazebo provides information to fairgoers as well as a variety of official Sandwich Fair Souvenirs. It was built in 1993. Drawing by Jackie Dannewitz