Sandwich fair NEWS Alerts….

10/25….Camping season ends November 1st.

9/12….Here are the meet and greet photos from the Jordan Davis Concert.  Click here!

9/5…. Check out the latest the latest video on You Tube about the ticket booth relocation and renovation project.


2/21….A vendor at the Sandwich Fair is defined as a organization, business, or individual promoting a product or organization, selling a product, promoting a service, that requires space at the Sandwich Fairgrounds during the Sandwich Fair.  In order to obtain a spot at the fair, visit the vendor page (click here) for all the information you need on becoming a vendor at the Sandwich Fair.  Not all applications are approved due to limited space, not meeting vendor requirements listed on the vendor page rules, incomplete applications, not in good standing from previous fairs.  The Director of Concessions has final say on all applications.  The Director of Concessions will contact you directly only for an approved application.


The Sandwich Fair in DeKalb County, Illinois is an exciting destination for all ages.

Since the first Fair held here in 1888, the fairgrounds has provided the perfect showplace for agricultural exhibits and commercial venues. The 185 acres of well-manicured park-like settings, the charming buildings, and the friendly atmosphere improve with age.

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