Other Members

Ron Henrich
Larry Dannewitz
Matthew Wilson

Concessions & Displays

Barb French

Crafts & Demonstrations

James Webber

Grounds Supervisor

Harold Dannewitz
Reed Johnson


Larry Dannewitz
Kim & Ron Henrich

Grandstand Entertainment

Gary Skinner

Ag Land Entertainment

Roger Peterson

Antique Farm Machinery

Doug & Nancy Carter

Sandwich Auto Show

Karen Breunig
Jackie Dannewitz
Joan Hardekopf

Gazebo Information, Education

Joan Hardekopf

History Museum

Scott Breunig

Parking and Police

Kenneth Tyrrell

People Movers

Nancy Rex

Ticket Sales

Bradley Anderson

General Manager

Chris Schank

Data Manager

Kim Hoffman

Livestock Data Manager

Dianna Richards

Assistant Livestock Data Manager

Additional Hard-Working Staff

There are so many other people that without whom this fair could not run. They are too many to mention here, but we appreciate all our hard-working contributors.